︎︎︎ Arboreal archeology, a diary of two explorers

Arboreal archeology, a diary of two explorers
Alieno ed. 2011 - € 16,00

It is the english version of a title that has made the history of the publishing house and which still attracts a lot of interest among readers and the media, which have sanctioned the international fame of this extraordinary biodiversity experience. Thus, more than 30 after the birth of "Arboreal archeology" - currently a non-profit foundation supported by the University of Perugia, Bioversity International, Fao - the story of the two plant seekers, Livio and Isabella, and their ancient fruit varieties has become a reference point for fans, including famous actors, including Gerard Depardieu, Valeria Ciangottini, Anna Galiena, Bill Pulman, who have adopted some plants of this extraordinary open-air museum.

Today the estate gathers hundreds of fruit trees; some varieties dating back to the Renaissance or even older, and in this english  edition, integrated and updated, the characteristics, properties, stories, recipes of the most important varieties are told.